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The Club endeavours to publish an informative newsletter four times a year. If you are a new joining member or you have any news items for consideration for inclusion in the Newsletter please send the information to the editor at [email protected]Please note this email address must only be used for newsletter matters.

The NWBC Newsletter is available for any visitor to this web site to read. Please follow the link.

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The North Wales Business Club was founded 36 years ago.

Our membership is growing and our programme of events expanding.

During those years we have had some major speakers visiting us in North Wales from Sir Nick Scheele, President of the Ford Motor Company to the American Ambassador. Membership is drawn from North Wales, the North West of England and Mid and South Wales. We have members from multinational companies to sole proprietors or partners of small businesses.

Welcome to the North Wales Business Club

We welcome new members and remain committed to supporting business in North Wales.

If you need to contact the North Wales Business Club please visit the contact page or telephone 01690 720 321

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for business people to exchange ideas and discuss matters of mutual interest and concern, with a view to stimulating business activity and with the aim of increasing the prosperity and prestige of North Wales.
  • To provide the opportunity to hear and question prominent speakers on topics of interest to those engaged in business, and commerce.
  • To promote and/or jointly support activities, such as exhibitions and seminars, for the benefit of members of the North Wales Business Club and North Wales generally.
  • To provide an opportunity for appropriate Charities to raise awareness amongst Club members by having a suitable presence at North Wales Business Club events.

Location of NWBC Membership

The approximate location of the NWBC membership can be viewed on the location map. You can scroll the Google map in and out.

Please follow this link:- Location of NWBC membership

Photo Gallery of NWBC Events

Below are a selection of photographs from our most recent functions, to see a complete record of our events dating back to November 2010 Please go to our Flickr account by following this live link: Flickr and selecting from the "Albums" the particular event you want to view.

NWBC's Zoom Networking Meeting held on 13 April 2021. Presentation given by Ian Stockdale. Please follow this link: Flickr

The NWBC's Quiz Night in aid of St David's Hospice held on 24 September 2020 To view photographs of this event please follow this link:- Flickr

Presentation of cheque by Mel Herman, Chairman NWBC to St David's Hospice for the 2020 Quiz Night - please follow this link:- Flickr

Past Speakers

We have been fortunate over the years to have been visited by numerous prestigious speakers from the business world. For a list of some of the speakers who have visited the North Wales Business Club please follow here: - follow this link

North Wales Business Club Privacy Policy Document.

To view a copy of our Privacy Policy Document produced on 21 June 2018 please

follow this link: NWBC PRIVACY POLICY 2021

NWBC 25th Anniversary Dinner

The North Wales Business Club Management Committee at the 25th Anniversary Dinner held on Wednesday 25th November 2009 at The St. George's Hotel, Llandudno.

Left to Right: Mike Mason, Vice Chairman; Dennis Pugh OBE; David W Williams MBE, DL, Chairman and Treasurer; Brian Goldsmith, Vice Chairman, Vice President and Founder Member; Peter Smith, General Secretary; Mel Herman; Jean E. Barlow, Functions Secretary. (Not Present in photograph Bryan George)